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Why Your Vehicle’s Coolant is Important

Having your engine coolant inspected and replaced can help prevent overheating and a large repair bill

AAMCO Sarasota  | 07/16/2021  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Why Your Vehicle’s Coolant is Important

Florida’s warm summers can be extremely tough on your car, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day, and summer months hitting upwards of 100°F, the hot climate makes your cooling system work extra hard, and with the added air conditioning that you may switch on, it is more important than ever to check and replace your coolant to prevent overheating.

How Coolant Works

Coolant is a liquid that runs through your engine and radiator system. It aids with keeping a car’s engine and oil at optimum temperature and flows through the engine bay in the form of pipes connected to a pump attached by pulleys and belts to the engine. It has useful properties including a very high boiling temperature and low freezing point, making it useful all year round.

How an Overheating Engine Can Damage Your Vehicle

The main problems that occur when an engine overheats (i.e., when the coolant is not replaced) is that the metal components within an engine heat up, which causes them to expand. This expansion can result in the internals of an engine (usually pistons) seizing, leaving you stuck at the side of the road. But it also can cause cracks in the cylinder block and leaks all over the vehicle. 

One of the main problems when a car overheats is a blown head gasket. This is a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head, which can be made from several materials including steel, rubber, and cork. If it heats up and is damaged, the result can be coolant leaks and eventually a broken-down car, resulting in an engine repair — or worse, an entire engine replacement. Engine repair is expensive mainly due to the amount of labor it takes a mechanic to remove the existing engine and the precision that is needed to replace components.

Take Care of Your Car and It Will Take Care of You

Checking and replacing fluids in your car is essential to its health and functionality. One of the best ways to check if your coolant (or other fluid) needs to be topped off or replaced is by having your car regularly serviced to ensure maximum performance and safety.  Schedule an appointment with is us today for all your car care needs. 

AAMCO of Sarasota Transmission Service

AAMCO Sarasota is a leading auto care center that specializes in transmission service and repair. Our expert mechanics have the resources, equipment, and skill to work on any problem your car might have.

Apart from transmission repair services, we also offer other auto repair services such as regular car maintenance, engine tune-up service, brakes, and suspension system maintenance and service, total car care service, routine car maintenance, and many more.

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