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Six Reasons to Keep Up with Car Maintenance

Keeping up with routine maintenance on your vehicle is important. At AAMCO we take a look at why.

AAMCO Sarasota  | 06/15/2021  | Auto Repair & Maintenance

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Six Reasons to Keep Up with Car Maintenance

Cars are integral for most of our lives and require periodic maintenance including oil changes, replacing your air filter, checking fluids, belts, and hoses and a number of other things. However, research shows that 68% of people do not maintain their car on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Keeping up with routine maintenance on your vehicle is important. At AAMCO we take a look at why. 

1) You’ll Save Money

Yes, routine maintenance does have a cost to it; however, that pales in comparison to the costs you’ll incur if you fail to do it. Waiting too long once to change your oil won’t necessarily have devastating effects but failing to consistently maintain your car will cause minor issues to turn into major ones, causing the need for major auto repair. 

2) You’ll Get Better Mileage

As the price of gas continues to cause conversation, an important benefit to regular maintenance is getting more miles per gallon. Keeping your engine running efficiently and routinely replacing or cleaning necessary parts will ensure that you are optimally using gasoline. Even a slight drop in fuel efficiency will add up over the course of a year. 

3) It Saves You Time

We all know that it is often inconvenient to try to fit car maintenance into our busy schedule. However, you will ultimately save time by doing this. No one wants to have a car in the shop for major auto repairs for a few days, but that will be a more common circumstance if you don’t maintain your vehicle. It is also a much greater waste of your time than the time it takes for regular checkups and services. 

4) Keep Your Warranty in Place

Factory warranties are very valuable in case your car encounters a problem; however, failing to maintain regularly schedule maintenance often voids many warranties. Be sure to read the recommended maintenance schedule and follow it to ensure that you don’t end up paying for an auto repair that would have otherwise been covered. 

5) It Promotes Safety

While no one wants to end up in a car accident, the reality is that it is a common occurrence. Maintaining your car increases safety. For example, having your brake pads checked and replaced when needed can ensure that your car stops effectively when necessary. Ensuring that your blinkers are operational can prevent accidents as well. Maintenance simply helps you be safer when driving. 

6) Improve Your Resale Value

We all want to get a good value for our vehicle when we ultimately trade it in or sell it. Keeping up with a maintenance schedule and saving records of the maintenance will improve the value of your car due to having better performance as well as being able to prove the car has been taken care of. 

Final Thoughts

While we all have busy lives and things like routine maintenance can often slip our minds, it is very important to engage in routine car maintenance to ensure that our cars are safe, operate efficiently, and hold their value. Schedule an appointment at AAMCO of Sarasota today, so that we can help you prevent major repairs in the future.

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